Is It Worth Replacing Your iPhone Screen Rather Than Buying One?

As you step out of your vehicle, your iPhone falls out of your hand or pocket, revealing a cracked screen. 

It can be challenging to ignore the issue, even though some people dare to live with the embarrassment of a broken screen. Over time, a tiny crack may widen and make it difficult to use the touchscreen. Additionally, it may expose internet components to dust and moisture. Who wants to touch glass fragments with their fingers?

In such a scenario, it can take some work to know what steps to take. Do you spend $800 or more on a new phone? Or does it make more sense to replace the screen?

Iphone Screen Replacement Double Bay

It can take time to estimate the cost of replacement as well. So, that’s why we are here to help. We will also walk you through how to account for the phone’s age, value and whether an upgrade is warranted. 

Here are a few things to think about when choosing an iPhone screen replacement in Double Bay and other places. 

When to Replace Your iPhone’s Screen?

One excellent way to make your iPhone last longer is to replace a broken screen or a dead battery. If the price is reasonable, you can get an extra year or two of use out of the gadget and it comes with good functionality. 

Extend Warranty Coverage

The choice is clear for those who have extended warranty coverage or iPhone insurance. You can replace the screen on any model by going back to the iPhone Centre. 

However, there may be occasions when you will need to take the iPhone to a specific authorised centre that offers iPhone screen replacement in Vaucluse and other places to have it serviced. This is true of insurance!

Furthermore, it is possible that the parts beneath the glass cannot be fixed!

Iphone Screen Replacement Vaucluse

AppleCare+ Servicing

There might be restrictions on the kinds of claims you can make. For instance, the professional AppleCare+ centre limits the number of accidental damage claims that can be made during a year or 2 years! So, the choice becomes a little more difficult for people without insurance. Even though a repair or replacement doesn’t cost as much as a new iPhone, it varies greatly depending on the model near Vaucluse. 

For instance, professionals who offer iPhone screen replacement in Double Bay and other regions share that the iPhone screen replacement can be estimated at up to $129 to $149 (or sometimes depending on the region and model of the iPhone).

Points to be Noted: Remember that the cost of the repair or replacement could go up if other parts, such as the fingerprint sensor under the glass, are also damaged!

However, the estimate is a useful place to start. Once you have it, you can safely weigh your options and assess how much it would cost to replace your phone screen. 

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