Phone Screen Replacement

Does Brand New Phone Screen Replacement Affect the Original Screen Quality?

Have you recently replaced your cracked phone screen but still not satisfied with the new one? Are you worried whether the original screen quality has degraded after replacement? Well, the answer is NO. A brand new phone screen replacement neither deteriorates the display quality nor the screen quality. All new screens are directly procured from OEMs and are manufactured with the same quality as the original ones. In fact, they are designed to offer the same look and feel as original screens.

Type of Fitting Makes All the Difference

If you have been facing a dilemma with your mobile ever since performing screen replacement, you should know that there’s only one thing that differentiates an original screen from a copy screen and that is the type of fitting. While the former is directly procured from the factory, the latter is performed by certified technicians. This implies that the quality of phone screen replacement entirely depends upon the professional expertise and skills of the technicians. A wrong fitting by a novice can degrade the screen quality and invite costly repairs. So if you aren’t satisfied with DIY screen replacement, it means you have either made some mistakes or simply plunged into the job without acquiring professional knowledge.

A Local Screen

Performing phone screen replacement with any local screen may likely degrade the display and screen quality. When you perform DIY screen replacement being an amateur or take your device to a local phone repairing shop, you may encounter poor screen display and compromised device performance. This is why experts always recommend hiring technicians for Phone Screen Replacement in Waverley. Professionals replace cracked screens using modern tools and protect other sensitive components while executing repairs.

How to Differentiate Between Genuine Screen & Copy Screen?

Whether you replace phone screen on your own or hire technicians, how will you know that the new screen is original? Here are some key differentiating factors:

  •   Screen Refresh Rate: The refresh rate of an original phone screen is designed to fit with the RAM, internal processor and storage capacity. With duplicate screens, you will notice the refresh rate is slightly lower than the original.
  •   Screen Scratches: Copy screens appear coarser than original screens and develop scratches easily. Original screens are usually sturdy and built to offer added protection to the device against dirt and cracks.
  •   Display Quality: Copy screens fail to match the brightness level with the original ones and give blurry images. You may even find the edges of the screen slightly darker and given the contrast and vibrancy, using copy screens would ideally appear washed out.

Where Can You Get Genuine Phone Parts?

To avoid getting compromised display quality or a copy screen, it’s wise to turn to Hocotech. Rose Bay for affordable phone screen replacement in Bondi Beach. Besides cracked screen repairs and replacement, we excel in Mobile Phone Battery Replacement in Bondi Beach & Dover Heights and hand over your device at a fast turnaround time. Call us for prompt phone repairs and get quick quotes with a call!