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A Few Mobile Phone Battery Myths Debunked By Experts

You will find plenty of facts related to mobile phone batteries if you search the internet. Of them, some are true and some are totally myths. Other than the internet you might hear facts from your friends or loved ones too. But since not all of them are fully correct or accurate and many can be myths, the experts will be debunking them here. 

  • Using Chargers of Other Brands will Damage Your Device Battery

Chargers, if not faulty, will never damage your device’s battery. Yes, they might reduce the time taken to fully charge your device, but otherwise, they do not cause much harm. 

However, if you are charging your mobile phone with a charger of another brand, make sure you research a bit and go through your phone’s manual. There, if it’s written that you cannot use chargers from different brands, it’s better to stick to the one provided with your device. Otherwise, there is a chance that it can indeed put stress on your battery which might lead to fast depletion. Then, to replace the battery, you will need to take your device to a professional providing mobile phone battery replacement in Double Day.

  • Overnight Charging Can Damage Your Device’s Battery

This is a wrong fact because now mobile technologies have become quite advanced. So, even if you leave your phone charging overnight, your battery will not get damaged. 

Whenever the battery gets fully charged, the device will disconnect the receiving charge automatically. However, if you have ‘fast charging’ or ‘quick charging’ enabled, it’s better not to leave your phone in charging mode for too long because your charger might get hot since they are designed to convert and supply a higher amount of voltage. Thus, continuous component heating can reduce the charger’s lifespan.

  • Turning Off Your Phone Damages Battery

This is another myth and you might have heard this already from your friends. Switching off your mobile phone has nothing to do with battery damage. Yes, over time the battery inside will still get drained, but if your device is off, you can expect no damage. However, if your battery is worn out and you notice that you cannot power up your device anymore after you left it off, you might have to take your device to a professional providing battery replacement for mobile phones in Point Piper.

  • Using Your Phone While It’s Being Charged Damages the Battery

You can use your device while it’s being charged and your battery will not get damaged. However, make sure that you are using a standard charger and not a faulty one. 

The charger will keep supplying energy to your device even when you are using it. But if you are using it for intensive tasks, you might experience slow charging.

  • Before Using the Phone, Do a Full Charge

This is yet another myth. Even if you do not fully charge your device you can still use it. Furthermore, some people suggest that not fully charging up the device can damage your screen which is again another myth. However, if your phone screen is not working for some reason, be assured that it has nothing to do with the battery and to replace it; you will need to take it to a professional providing phone screen replacement in Vaucluse.

So, these are a few popular myths and if you come across any of these again, plainly ignoring them is the right idea.

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